A Smooth Start Sets a Good Tone.

This is actually a heading from an article published in the Nov. 2018 Referee Magazine. I have been paying particular attention to how we start the game since I have had a couple experiences lately with different jump ball scenarios. I have one video and one story to share along with a link to “Start Your Game on the Right Track”.

Don’t start the game on a bad note!

Video Example

There are actually 2 problems in the following video and they both have to do with rule 6-3, articles 2 and 5.  Article 2 states, “When the official is ready and until the ball is tossed, non-jumpers shall not: a. Move onto the center restraining circle.  b.  Change position around the center restraining circle.”  Basically, players on the circle need to ‘hold their spots.’  However, they are allowed to move away from the circle as long as they don’t impede other players.

Article 5 states, “Until the tossed ball is touched by one or both jumpers, non-jumpers shall not:  a.  Have either foot break the plane of the center restraining circle cylinder.  b.  Take a position in any occupied space.” 

The problem with this clip is article 5.  Black #20 violates by breaking the plane after the ball is tossed and before it is touched by one of the jumpers.

To solve the problem:  Before the toss, identify the players who could violate.  The only non-jumpers who can violate either article 2 or 5 are those that take positions on the circle.

Personal Experience

The backcourt violation is an easy call to get-when you see it!   The Referee made a good heads up ruling and was able to identify the backcourt violation here.  This is a tough play to pick up when you are the R, especially if the ball is tipped behind you.

I had an experience in a game this past summer at camp where I tossed the ball and this exact thing happened.  However, I was not turned around to determine what exactly did happen.  Something didn’t feel right, but I didn’t know for sure.  Neither of my crew mates made a ruling either.  The only thing the clinician said to us at the first break in the action was, “That’s not how you want to start the game when you are being evaluated!”

Moral of the story:  Work together at the opening tip to make sure your crew gets the game started on the right note!