Officials must determine if contact in the post is created by the offensive or the defensive player to be able to rule an offensive foul.

In our continuing discussions on the 2016-2017 Points of Emphasis, this video is focused on offensive post play.  The points of emphasis concerning offensive post play says an offensive foul must be called when “an offensive post player ‘backs-down’ and displaces the defender once that defender has obtained a legal guarding position.”  In the following video, the defensive player is actually knocked down, however, this much contact does not have to be present for the ruling of an offensive foul.


Keep in mind that the defender does still have to obtain a legal guarding position before there can be the consideration of an offensive foul.  Typically, post defenders are already in this position, unless they are denying the entry pass.  Also, most officials recognize when a defender is being backed down.  Now, we have no excuse to pass up this foul and it will continue to clean up the rough play in the post.