Publisher’s Note: The NFHS is the only source of official high school rules interpretations.  They do not set aside nor modify any rule.  They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented. – Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff, Pubisher

Situation 1:  A1 is dribbling the ball in front courth near the division line when B1 taps the ball away.  The ball rolls into the backcourt where A2 is standing.  A2 picks up the ball while in the backcourt and starts to dribble.  RULING:  Legal Play.  the ball rolling on the floor when it crosses the division line has backcourt status; therefore, either the offense or the defense can recover the ball.

Situation 2 A1 is straddling the division line when the bal lis deflected by B1 into the backcourt.  A1 is able to reach out and take possession of the ball while still straddling the division line.  RULING: Legal.  A1 is in the backcourt and maintains that status when she takes possession of the deflected ball.  Because A1 is in the backcourt, the official must start a 10-second count and maintain the count as long as the player is in the backcourt and in possession of the ball. (9-9-1).

Situation 3:  A1 throws a ball from the sideline, near the division line.  A2 catches the ball while straddling the division line, fumbles the ball into the frontcourt and recovers the ball with one foot still in the backcourt.  RULING: Violation by A2.  While in player and team control in the backcourt, a player shall not cause the ball to go from the backcourt to the frontcourt and return to the backcourt, without the ball touching a player in the frontcourt, such that he or a teammate is the first to touch it in the backcourt.  (4-21, 9-9-2) 

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