When you become a basketball referee, there are many characteristics that must be developed to help you reach your full potential.  The goal is to become the best official you can be, no matter when you decide to pick up the whistle.  Developing court presence, knowledge of the rules, actively improving court mechanics, learning to deal with coaches and players, and developing your own personal philosophy are all part of basketball officiating.

Our Purpose

Our mission for BetterRef.com is to provide a library of plays highlighting NFHS rules and mechanics. This library is at your fingertips, so you can refer to any rule and find a video to highlight various applications of the rule.  One of the most challenging aspects of basketball officiating is that you never see the same play twice.  Knowing the rule and the interpretations allow you to apply that knowledge to any play.  Learn the Rule!

Basketball Officiating is about more than just knowing the rules.  Knowing the rule doesn’t always mean you will make the right ruling on a play.  Seeing plays in live action is the only way to hone your skills and practice applying the rules of basketball.  You will never call a game where you have seen 100% of what happens on the floor.  Something new always happens!  Video study can’t replace court time, but it does allow you to time to fully process plays!   See the Play!

Referee Mechanics

Your court mechanics go a long way to helping you be a successful referee.  Using the correct mechanics put you in the right place on the floor to make the ruling, instill confidence coaches and players, and ensure the best team on the court is the officiating crew.  While BetterRef.com focuses more on developing a video rulebook, discussion on mechanics are included when appropriate.  Using proper NFHS mechanics allows you to…  Make the Call!

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All plays discussed on our website are for the growth and development of any basketball official that uses our site.  We never condone or promote criticizing officials!  Any negative comments on any platform related to our site will be removed immediately, including facebook, youtube, and twitter.


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