During the jump ball, the outside officials have to cover the movement of the non-jumpers to make sure all movement is legal.

First, ask yourself this question:  Can non-jumpers move during the administration of the jump ball?

If your answer was “No,” then you are missing an important part of the rule – ‘until the ball is tossed.’  Once the ball is in the air, the players can move… but how?

Before the ball is tossed:

  • Non-jumpers can not move onto the center restraining circle.
  • Change position around the center restraining circle.

After the ball is tossed, until it is touched, non-jumpers shall not:

  • have either foot break the plane of the center restraining circle
  • Take a position in any occupied space.

This means they can move, except into the restraining circle, or into any occupied space, until the ball is touched by the jumpers.  For the video example below, the jump ball violation occurs when the player crosses through the circle after the toss, but BEFORE the players touch the ball.  This is a jump ball violation.