Rule 9-5 – Illegal Dribble – Once a player dribbling the ball, he/she may not touch it with two hands and continue the dribble.

Rule 9-5 states, “A player shall not dribble a second time after his/her first dribble has ended, unless it is after he/she has lost control because of:

  • Art. 1 – A try for goal
  • Art. 2 – A touch by an opponent
  • Art. 3 – A pass or fumble which has then touched, or been touched by, another player.”


In this play, it is hard to tell if maybe the dribbler got fouled when he lost control of the dribble.  However, it is very clear that the player regained control by dribbling several times, touched the ball with both hands, and then continued his dribble.  This is an illegal dribble.


Transition plays are difficult when the new lead official is unable to get to the end line to receive the play.  As soon as possession is gained by the defense, the new lead official must get to the end line as quickly as possible.  In this case, the tip on the rebound put the official a little behind the play.  He did a nice job of recovering, staying focused on the play, and was able to pick up the illegal dribble.