Be alert and don’t let this uncommon free throw violation catch you by surprise.


Rule 9-1-3, article ‘f’ states, “A player, other than the free thrower, who does not occupy a marked lane space, may not have either foot beyond the vertical plane of the free-throw line extended and the three-point line which is farther from the basket until the ball touches the ring or backboard or until the free throw ends.”


During free throw attempts, as trail, stay vigilant in covering responsibilities.  It is more than just calling in subs.  Trail must be aware of all players outside the 3-point arc and has the responsibility of covering free throw violations by those players.  This video shows what happens when trail is not fully engaged during this low intensity time.


A Word on Mechanics


The Lead official in this video does everything right until he places the ball at the disposal of the shooter.  He then turns his back away from the players and moves way too far away from the lane.  The player that causes the free throw violation actually ends up getting a held-ball call, and because Lead took so many steps away, he was too far from this action.  Instead, take a few steps back, facing the players, and stay engaged!