Many fouls called throughout the game happen near, or around the players with the ball.  However, when a foul happens away from the ball, it is important to know where the designated spot is for the throw-in.

The Rule

Rule 7-5-4 states, “After a player-control foul; a team-control foul; or after a common foul prior to the bonus rule being in effect, any player of the offended team shall make the throw-in at the designated out-of-bounds spot nearest the foul.

Play Analysis

In the following play, the offensive player legally sets a screen on the defender.  The screen is originally set below the free-throw line and just outside the lane lines.  As the defender comes into contact with the offensive player, instead of stopping, the defender pushes through the screen.

Referring to the designated spot throw-in chart in the officials manual (diagram 4-5 below), this throw-in will be placed on the end-line, just outside the lane.  It is important to know where the ball is to be placed.  There is an advantage for the defense to have the throw-in on the sideline, and there is an advantage for the offense to have the throw-in from the end line.  Proper application of the designated spot is important to properly administer a game.

Diagram 4-5 NFHS Officials Manual