The Basket Interference Rule

Basket Interference, and goal tending, should always be called by either the slot official or the trail official.


Rule 4-6 states, “Basket interference occurs when a player:  Art. 1 … Touches the ball or any part of the basket (including the net) while the ball is on or within either basket.  Art. 2 … Touches the ball while any part of the ball is within the imaginary cylinder which has the basket ring as it’s lower base.”


The exception to this rule is if the player is dunking or stuffing the ball.  This is not illegal.


Play Analysis

In this video, the offensive player contacts the ball while it is still on the basket.  This is a very clear example of basket interference.


The discussion on the play below is more about the mechanics of how to officiate this play.  The lead official should not be the one who calls basket interference, either in transition, or after the play has settled in the front court.  The new lead official has too much down low to be officiating for him to be looking up at the basket.  Also, typically, the lead official will be further under the basket and in no position to make the judgement.  If this would have not been as obvious, the trail official is going to have to best look at this play.  For this reason, it is vitally important for trail (Trail and Center in three-man) to hustle down an be in position to make a judgement for basket interference.


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