A Technical Foul, as defined in Rule 4.19.5, is intentional or flagrant contact while the ball is dead.


There are several really good things about this video. There is great concentration, rules knowledge, communication, and mechanics.  All of these things come together in this play to show this crew is working as a team.


Before we discuss it, watch the video.

There are 3 great things that happen here.


1. After the shot, the slot official stays with the play.  Too many times, officials see the ball go in and have already turned to transition.  We miss the dead ball action under the basket when the players turn to go the other way.  Players know this, and take the opportunity to take a cheap shot on another player.  STICK WITH THE PLAY.

2. Rules knowledge – Know that this is called a technical foul because it was a dead ball!  Once the ball goes through the ring of the basket it is dead.  Any contact from this point, until it is “made available” for the inbound, is dead ball action.  A foul during a dead ball is always a technical.

3. Communication – Notice he doesn’t immediately signal the technical foul.  How many people in the gym saw the hit?  Did the coaches see it?  Probably not.  Talking to his partner, even if his partner didn’t see it, gives credibility to the call.  It also informs his partner as to what is about to happen.  After he reports the tech, he calmly approaches the coach and the player, informs them why he called the tech, and leaves.  Short, concise, and in control of the game.


Final Thought – You could make a case for upgrading this foul to a flagrant technical foul and eject the player from the game.  In an early season game, this could be an easier upgrade.  However, this particular game was a State Region Final. The winner was advancing to the State Championship game.  If the player had been ejected and his team advanced, he would be ineligible to play in the Championship game. (This does vary from state to state, but ejections often carry stiff penalties.)  Consider the option a little more carefully.