Contact fouls on a Post Player continues to be a emphasized in High School Basketball.

Rule 10-7, Article 12 was introduced to the rule books several years ago, and later, emphasis was placed on extending the definition of a ball handler to the post player, once they have obtained player control.  This year, continued emphasis is being placed on post play and cleaning up what contact is allowed in the post.

A foul should be ruled in post play based on the following criteria:

  1. An opponent is displaced from a legally established or obtained position.
  2. An arm-bar is extended and displaces an opponent.
  3. A locked and/or extended elbow displaces an opponent.
  4. A leg or knee is used in the rear of an opponent to hold or displace. (Watch this example)
  5. Holding, hooking, slapping, pinning, or pushing in the leg or body of an opponent.
  6. An offensive post player “backs-down” and displaces the defender once they have obtained a legal guarding position.

The following play should always be ruled a foul if, when the defender reaches around, displaces the post player.