The Player Technical Rule

It is a player technical foul if a player hangs on the rim after a dunk, except to prevent injury.


Rule 10-4, Player Technical, article 3 states, “A player shall not: Grasp either basket at any time during the game except to prevent injury; dunk or stuff, or attempt to dunk or stuff a dead ball.”


The following play is pretty straight forward.  The player has a relatively uncontested dunk.  After, he does a pull-up, bringing his head above the rim.  This is not ‘hanging’ on the rim to prevent injury.


Other Scenarios

There is one other part to this rule that deserves some attention and that concerns the dead ball.   Let’s imagine this play happened at the end of a quarter and the dunk occurs after the horn sounds to end the quarter.   This too is a player technical foul, however, the player is now also bench personnel.  To administer, the free throws would start the next quarter and the coach would lose his coaching box privilege. (Refer to Case Book 10.4.3 Situation D)


Another angle:  The player dunks the ball after a whistle, while time is still on the clock.  The ruling in this case would also be a player technical, hanging on the rim or not.  Since the player is not bench personnel, this has no effect on the coaching box.