NFHS Mechanics for 2 and 3 man court coverage requires the new lead in transition to hustle to their position.


When there is a turnover, the play can move very quickly in the opposite direction.  This is one of those times that an official, especially if they are going to become the new lead, has to hustle to get in the correct position to receive the play.  So, what is the correct position?

According to the NFHS Mechanics manual, 3.3.1a, Lead should: be located 4-6 feet off the end line; move along the end line based on the ball movement and the players’ location; not typically be wider than the 3 point line; close down as the ball crosses to the opposite side of the court.  To obtain the best possible angle in transition, the new Lead should position themselves in the closed down position, 4-6 feet off the end line to receive the play.

Here is an example of an official who did not get in a good spot to receive the play in transition.  As a result, there was contact and a travel, but because he is out of position, the call is questionable.  Could he see where the contact occurred from this angle?  It would be hard to make the case for yes.  Imagine the look he would have of this play if he were 15 feet closer to the players.