4-44 - Traveling

4.44 – Traveling Violation

Traveling violations are often missed because officials are not mentally consistent in identifying the pivot foot.   It’s the beginning of a high-level High School State Championship playoff game.  The atmosphere is the kind we dream of; […]

9-4 - Travel, Fist, Kick

9.4 – Kicking the Ball

Kicking the Ball is defined in Rule 4.29 as intentionally striking the ball with any part of the leg or foot. The important thing to remember is that any part of the leg which contacts […]

10-7 - Contact Foul

4.44 – Traveling; 10.6.1 – Push

It’s important to understand why a player traveling, especially when there is contact by another player.  Here, the offensive player travels immediately when she gained possession of the ball, but he didn’t call the violation […]