During a try or tap for goal, a player must obtain a legal rebounding position.  Every player is entitled to a spot on the floor, provided they got there first without illegal contact.


Rule 4.37, Article two lists 4 things that a player can NOT do to obtain a legal rebounding position.


  1. Displace, charge, or push an opponent
  2. Extend shoulders, hips, knees or extend the arms or elbows fully or partially in a position other than vertical so that the freedom of movement of an opponent is not hindered when contact with the arms or elbows occurs.
  3. Bend his/her body in an abnormal position to hold or displace an opponent.
  4. Violate the principle of verticality.


This is a group of 5 plays pulled from the same game.  Use the criteria above to evaluate what the player is doing that is illegal.  You will find in several of the clips that he is violating ALL of the above!  Determine which play is legal and leave a comment.  When you see this type of action on a rebound, put a whistle on it early and make it stop.