As the new season is beginning to get underway, cleaning up perimeter play will continue to improve the flow of the game.


Two years ago now, the NFHS implemented the new rule 10.6.12, it states, “The following acts constitute a foul when committed against a ball handler/dribbler:


  • a. Placing two hands on the player.
  • b. Placing an extended arm bar on the player.
  • c. Placing and keeping a hand on the dribbler.
  • d. Contacting the player more than once with the same hand, or alternating hands.”


Over the past two years, further clarification has been provided to this rule.  Adding post players to the list of “ball handlers” when a post player receives the ball is an example.  The rules committee added this new rule and provided the reasoning…


“Rather than continuing to make illegal contact a point of emphasis, a new criteria for foul enforcement was created.  The intent is to clean up perimeter play and restore the freedom of movement to the game.  The new rule clearly explains specific contact that should be called a foul.  This criteria should provide for more understanding of illegal contact for coaches and players, and improved enforcement by officials.”


This ‘new rule’ has indeed done the job of cleaning up the perimeter play and has made a positive improvement the flow of the game.  However, continued enforcement of the rule is required to keep the gains that have been made in this area of the game.